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If you’re tasked with having to find a venue for a corporate event or your friend’s birthday party, it can seem like a daunting task. It’s important to follow a plan to ensure that your event becomes a success. To get started, we have a couple of tips on how to help you find the perfect venue:

What’s the type of event?

When planning an event, taking into consideration what the event is for is critical.

  • Are you hosting a birthday party?
  • Is this a corporate event to help your employees relax and take the edge off?
  • Do your guests need to be fed while there?
  • What food will they like?
  • Are there any particular diet restrictions? i.e., gluten-free, allergies?

Some venues offer catering, while others don’t — Temecula Lanes has a tasty menu and awesome event packages to choose from, for any occasion. These are great questions to ask when figuring out how you should be planning your event.

Know Your Guest List

Knowing how many people are attending your event is crucial for many venues due to pricing and capacity. It doesn’t need to be an exact number, but knowing even an estimate of how many people may attend can give you some estimates that you can then relay to your venue location. This is important to gauge on how much food and drinks to prepare for, as well as preparation for more active events. If you’re worried about the cost of having too many people at your party, ask your event venue if there are cheaper food and drink options.

Identify Event Dates

Venues often entertain many different types of parties and frequently. Knowing even a rough estimate of what week you plan to host your event helps gives you and your venue a time to coordinate what works best for both of you. This gives you time to prepare and it gives them the time to schedule what’s necessary for you to have a great event at their venue.

Visit your Venue

Getting an idea of what your venue will look like before your event happens ensures that you won’t be surprised when the event day rolls around. Asking the venue if it’s okay to visit and scope it out should be encouraged by your venue. This is a great time to ask and see if they have certain restrictions on food and beverage minimums or if they offer set up and clean up. Temecula Lanes is happy to host you and a few friends tasting and a tour of our spaces.

We hope you enjoyed reading our guide. Now let the good times roll!

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